Disocver docket, the all new way to manage everything.
For agencies, small teams, big teams, personal use – everyone!

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docket's benefits

Your personal dashboard

Keep track of everything that's important for you. Tickets that you've planned for this week, your personal progress or even the latest design news.
All in one place.

Project overview

Have an eye on all your projects – in one place. Keep track of budget, progress, deadlines and so on. Export spreadsheets for your clients if you want to share insights.


The heart of docket. The bridge of the spaceship enterprise. Manage tickets, create quotations and invoices (comming soon!), monitor and control all metrics of your project.


To get stuff done, manage all of your tasks in docket's ticket tracker. Attach files, plan assignments, add labels and phases. KanBan is comming soon also!


It's all about money, so let's track times in a simple and beautiful way. Have an eye on your weekly progress and the one of your colleagues.


Everyone has a lot to do, but don't let people sink into work. So let's have an eye on the work that's planned for the next weeks and move assignments easily per drag'n'drop around weeks. Advanced search filters also improve your daily or weekly reporting.


Manage your customers and their contacts in one place and have an eye on their metrics.


Define all services you offer and setup appropriate daily rates, which you can then monitor in your project's dashboard.


It's all about that team. Create and edit users, set their expertise to ease timetracking and find the right people for the right jobs.